Sasha Singh

Mahatma Gandhi once said, "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others". This year I would like to live by his quote and give back to my community by improving lives.

I am a Computer Science major and a Psychology and Entrepreneurship minor. My biggest purpose to be an Inclusion and Diversity Ambassador is to bring resources to low to middle income South Asian immigrants/international students, especially to promote women of color in STEM.

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Upon graduation, I would like to work in a corporate setting as a Software Engineer. I hope to work for a company that is customer centric and is providing real world solutions. I also plan to pursue my master’s in Information Systems, and hope to one day be the CEO of a holistic healthy company. My favorite hobbies are writing, singing, dancing, working out, and doodling!

Ashley Lujan

I hope to engage with a lot of underrepresented students in SoC and create a sense of allyship among the students.

 I am excited to be an Ambassador because I get to make a difference. Helping the SoC environment feel safe and welcoming to minorities of all identities, because diversity is a great asset. After graduation, I would love to work in any company that includes non-programming interests and I hope to create programs for high school students in disadvantaged communities. One of my favorite hobbies is watching Selling Sunset with my siblings.

Gabriella Goodman

My goal this year is to learn about different people's stories in or interested in computer science.

I am in my second year, majoring in computer science. I wanted to become an ambassador because working with people from various backgrounds is important to me. After graduating I want to travel and possibly work abroad for a while. One of my favorite things is to go hiking with my dog.

Kane Hannay

My goal as an ambassador is to promote diversity and improve the experiences of marginalized students in the SoC by offering a supportive and inclusive community, spreading awareness, and providing education and resources to all.

I am a 4th year CS major, and am pursuing a minor in Mathematics, although I intend to declare Math as a second major as well. As a member of several marginalized communities, I take a personal interest in the Center for Inclusive Computing, with my goal being to make the School of Computing a more inclusive and supportive environment for all. I am openly disabled, and am currently an officer in the recently-established student organization DASTEM, or Disability & Access in STEM.

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After graduation, I’d like to work as a software developer, though I’m also considering a career in teaching Mathematics. In my free time, I enjoy digital drawing and electronic music production.

Yash Ghanathe

My goal for the program is to start a university outreach to younger students in order to get them interested in computing. This could mean starting new school programs at local schools or starting programs on campus.

I am a freshman pursuing a major in Computer Science. I wanted to be an ambassador so that I could help improve the diversity of the School of Computing by instilling interest in computers through tutoring programs for younger students. After I graduate, I want to find a job in the industry and later, open up a tutoring facility designed to teach coding. My favorite hobbies include collecting trading cards and playing poker.

Dhruv Rackakonda

My goal as an ambassador is to draw more talented individuals into our school and department, and make people realize the potential that entering this field can do for everyone.

I am a first-year Data Science major. I wanted to become an ambassador because I heard many stories from people claiming that the U's engineering department was not a very inclusive place. Through becoming an ambassador, I hope to make the school of computing a more inclusive place. After graduating, I hope to pursue further education and pursue research in topics related to Data Science.