Mary Hall
Title: Center Director

Mary Hall is the Director of UCIC and the School of Computing. She conducts research at the intersection of high-performance computing and programming systems. She works with industry and application domain experts to develop technology that can be transitioned into real-world uses.


Sheri Carp
Title: Associate Director of Business Affairs

As the Associate Director of Business Affairs at the School of Computing, Sheri develops relationships with industry through projects and events with the School of Computing. These collaborations will enhance the exposure and interaction of students with real-world applications of their learning experience with tech companies. In turn, this will also provide a pipeline of innovative future tech talent for companies to draw from.


Tom Henderson
Title: School of Computing, Diversity Committee Chair

Thomas C. Henderson is a Professor in the School of Computing. He has been at Utah since 1982, and was a Program Director at the National Science Foundation in 2010. Professor Henderson was chair of the Department of Computer Science from 1991-1997, and was the founding Director of the School of Computing from 2000-2003. His research interests include autonomous cognitive systems, robotics and computer vision, and his ultimate goal is to help realize functional androids.


David Johnson
Title: School of Computing, Outreach Committee Chair

David Johnson is an Associate Professor, Lecturing in the School of Computing. In addition to creating and teaching a number of introductory undergraduate computer science courses, he founded, directs, and co-teaches the GREAT summer camp program, which introduces programming, graphics, and robotics to three different age groups from 4th grade through high school. His research interests include applying geometric models to problems such as haptics, computer-aided modeling, robotics, and human-computer interfaces.